Friday, January 16, 2009

Two peices of the puzzle

The rest of New Year’s Day my face got redder and redder, and I got itchier and itchier. My face even started swelling up.

The Friday after New Year’s Day I called a dermatologist and I was politely told by the receptionist that their first opening was at the end of March. Then I called a local hospital’s dermatology department. That receptionist took all my information, and then said, “We had a cancellation this afternoon, could you come in at 2:30.” How awesome was that?

So off I went to the dermatologist. I prayed the way there. Please, please let this person be compassionate, open-minded, and not bossy. She was a very compassionate person, and she brought all her colleagues in to look at me. They determined it was contact dermatisis, but did a biopsy to be certain.

Things really cleared up quickly. By Sunday evening, my skin looked almost normal again.

Then last Friday, I found out from our naturopath that Jude and I both have Lyme disease. This makes sense since we have both have had ticks on us, and our dog often has ticks. That afternoon, the dermatologist called with the biopsy report. She said it was an allergic response, possibly to a bite.

Ah, two pieces of the puzzle in one day. This news would have devastated me 3 weeks ago, but having my skin return to normal has given me such hope. I seem to be tettering on the edge of hope and despair lately.

This reminds me of a story I heard on NPR about a contest called “Six Words to Inspire a Nation.” Contestants had to come up with a 6 word inaugural address for President Elect Obama. The winning entry was….
“Divided by fear, united by hope.” - Donna Formica-Wilsey of Philadelphia, PA

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