Thursday, February 19, 2009

holy water

There are a lot of things that I am passionate about, and water is one of them. Water is necessary for life. Without it, no life exists. But beyond that, good water is necessary for health. And it is getting harder and harder to find good water. Yesterday I heard a story that cited more than 40 % of wells tested in a Pennsylvania study failed to meet the state’s safe drinking water standard.

I’ve been buying alkalized water from a place in Lewisburg. It is filtered and, using electrolysis, separated into smaller mineral clusters. Supposedly, it hydrates you more easily. I buy it because it is filtered and alkaline.

Today, I went in to buy 5 gallons. I reached down on the bottom shelf and removed the jugs and saw on a piece of cardboard these letters LOVE AND GR. The rest of the letters were covered by more gallons of water. I recognized it at once because this is a blessing that I had over my kitchen sink for quite a while (until John cleaned the windows and didn’t replace my blessing). I also use it as a breathe prayer. On the inhale I will say to myself “love” and on the exhale “gratitude”.

I told the owner how cool it was that she had this blessing on the water and asked if she ever saw Masaru Emoto’s fascinating work on ice crystals. That got us started on a lovely conversation about love and gratitude having the highest vibrational frequency and all the implications. It was so inspiring to know that she was applying this to her business…the water business.

I know there is a lot of skepticism about alkalized, oxygenated, or energized water like the water I buy in Lewisburg. There are numerous anecdotal accounts of people being helped by the alkalized water. And so I just take off my scientist hat, put my hands to my chest, and give a deep bow of gratitude (and love!) to all that I don’t understand. Then I take a big drink of water.

“Water has a message for the world: The world is linked together by love and gratitude.”-Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

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