Friday, March 20, 2009

purse obsession and alter egos

Two nights ago I woke up at 2:00am and could not get a purse out of mind that I had seen earlier in the day surfing the blogs.  I lay in bed thinking of coordinating fabrics that might work.  It’s a general rule for me that if I get out of bed I will most likely not fall back to sleep.  But I couldn’t resist.  I had an incredible thirst and decided that I had to go downstairs to get a drink.  I felt like Jude who always needs to pee or get a drink right after I’ve finally gotten him in the bed.   

I slipped downstairs and started ripping through my fabric stash.  Several minutes later, I was satisfied enough to head back upstairs.   I actually had to wait two days before I could get started on sewing the purse.  But today was the perfect day to sew.  I didn’t have anything I needed to do today, and it was cool again. 

I used this free pattern for the purse, and surprisingly for me didn’t do much to alter it.  Rae, the pattern maker, was kind enough to return my email when I had a question regarding the use of interfacing.  I did decide to use interfacing because I used a rather light weight cotton.  I didn’t include an interior pocket because I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use for it.  The pattern and directions were easy to follow.  Let me know what you think.

I used Japanese prints for the main body of the purse and for the top and strap.

I used another Japanese print sort of a retro floral for the interior.

While I was happily sewing away, Jude cut out paper shirts and pants.  That was until boredom overcame him.  At that point he adopted an alter ego, who took the form of a puppy puppet, aka Clifford the big brown dog.  Puppy pretty much destroyed my house, upsetting boxes of blocks and clearing bookshelves of the books.  Puppy got a time out (i.e., was put up on the topshelf of the bookcase).  After a while, Jude said, “Puppy is listening now.”  And thankfully the purse was done.

"May your bobbin always be full!" 


Rae said...

Looks great! That lining is really great too -- I like how it contrasts with the outside. Glad I could help! (:

Jenn said...

The purse is gorgeous! I love the colors in the fabrics you used. I have serious purse envy over here...

Kathryn said...

You are very good at selecting contrasting fabrics that are unique and interesting. Nice job! I like the shape and form of the bag as well. It sounds like Clifford provided a lot of incentive to complete the job.