Wednesday, April 8, 2009

actually, tires go around...

Jude has been saying things like...
Cookie monster is actually blue. 
Actually, corn grows. 
Most tanker trucks actually have ladders.

So that is where the title for this post comes from.  Jude didn't actually say it, but it sounds like something he would say and it pretty much sums up what has been happening around here.  So my unexpected spring break from posting isn't from lack of things to share...just no time to share them. 

We traveled down to Philadelphia at the end of March for the Philadelphia furniture show.  John's work was well received.  And we sold two pieces off the floor so that was encouraging and a much needed source of income!  Jude and I had a great time exploring the city.  I felt like we were on a great city adventure trying to find our destinations and parking spaces for our big Sprinter van.  On the one hand driving the van in the city is fun because people respect a big vehicle like that in the city.  And you sit up high so you have a great view of things.  But when it comes to parallel parking with limited windows to look out...well, I guess you can figure it isn't the easiest thing to do.

We hunted down Trader Joe's, Wholefoods, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and spent the day at Ikea.  Jude helped me pay attention to all the lights by playing a "Go dog, go...Stop dog, stop" game.   And we played shape searchers when we were walking down the big city streets.  So much fun to have in the city...

The following weekend I got news that my aunt had some surgery done and was in a lot of pain.  So I offered to come help her out for a few days.  Her significant other had to return to work Monday and work long hours this week and she really wasn't supposed to be alone.  John insisted that my tires needed to be rotated before I left.  In the process of rotating them, he discovered a bolt in one.  That might have left me stranded on the side of the highway somewhere.    Since it was Sunday, there wasn't really anywhere to get the tire fixed.  So we tried to find my brother in law to see if we could borrow his van.  In the process we ended up calling  my sister in law who just happens to have the same car as me and the same tires.  She graciously loaned me a wheel and drove on her temporary tire for a day so I could make the trip to Ohio with Jude safely.  (thanks Linda!!!)  When, John was getting the wheel off her car he discovered that her rear tires were down to the cords.  So lots of tires being swaped, changed, replaced.  

While we were in Ohio, Jude and I got out for a walk one day when it was nice.  We were walking on macadam walking trail.  Jude, noticing orange plastic bars sticking up out of the middle of the road said, "That's silly.  How is a car going to drive through here with those sticks sticking out of it?"  And I replied, "Actually, this is  a sidewalk.  Cars don't actually drive on it."  As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized where all those actuallys were really coming from.

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