Tuesday, April 28, 2009

trillium woes

This little beauty has tried her best but for the second consecutive year, Sophie has trampled her. Sunday night I found her snapped at the base before she even had a chance to bloom. So I brought her in to enjoy the single bloom. This might be the last year she even has a chance. Trillium plants are damaged easily by picking (or trampling) and it is illegal to pick them in many states and Canada for that reason. They only produce the three leaves below the flower and those are the solar power plants for the entire plant.

The trillium is often consider symbolic of the Holy Trinity but is also a symbol used by midwives (although I can’t remember why). My midwife Krystn had one tattooed on her upper arm and our red trillium bloomed the day Jude was born. I knew it would. Well, actually I thought the white one would, but it waited to honor her when she came back for my post delivery visit.

I’m looking into willow edging like this one to keep Sophie out of the area. It’s probably too low to make a difference, but it would look really nice.

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