Thursday, May 21, 2009

happily bewildered

“Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.” ~ Rumi

I came across this quote on apples for poppy anne, a blog I recently discovered through another favorite soulemama. I’m a big Rumi fan so that quote caught my attention right away, but then I realized it was also speaking to me. Sometimes we just need reminders of what we know to be true. And I am so thankful for the way God gives me these when I need them most.

I started a new treatment for Lyme disease last week, that has basically kicked me in the backside. After doing some research into the treatment and discovering other approaches in the process, my head started spinning (again) with all the new information and I started to feel that ever so familiar overwhelmed state creeping back into my mind, body, and soul. I told John that the more I read the more I feel hopeless. That’s just not me…that’s the disease. Of course, his wise response was, "well, stop reading." And really, it is just better to trust in something bigger than your own little mind or someone else little mind.

What I didn’t read and that I have to keep reminding myself of is that there is so much more to healing than the physical aspects and no one seems to share this information well. And the reason is (I think) that it can’t be explained in a rational way that can be contemplated and researched. Qigong, Reiki, meditation, prayer contribute greatly to my healing and general sense of well-being. Having a supportive circle of women friends is healing. Recognizing your blessings is healing. One of the things that I loved about apples for poppy anne is that she has a weekly post that is titled “Things that I am thankful for today.” I have used the acknowledgement of blessings in a similar way for a very long time and have seen the amazing effects of doing so.

When we are on the right track, the universe seems incredibly small. But small isn’t even the right word…the Universe seems focused. We are directed in ways that lead us to believe we are connected to everything. Our attention is brought back over and over to the things that we need to be focused on and soulmama did that again for me earlier this week. She posted another link in her LOVING section to craft hope.

Craft Hope is doing a doll making project for an orphanage in Nicaragua called Casa Bernabe. It turns out that our church has a mission to another orphanage called Casa Bernabe in Guatemala next month. And that came about because a good friend of mine, Angie, was lead to pray for a little boy, Gabriel, at this orphanage. As she shared the story of Gabriel and Casa Bernabe with a number of people, many of us prayed for them. Gabriel has returned to his biological family and now our church has many projects directed at helping the orphanage.

I really wanted to take part in the mission trip but didn’t feel I could commit given my health. With gratitude and bewilderment for all things that synchronicitiously come together, I am now planning on completing a doll for the craft hope project. And I hope that I can convince one or two of you to join me. Anyone???

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