Sunday, May 24, 2009

it starts with a color...yellow

I decided to play along with apples for poppy anne’s color challenge. This is a late entry given that it is Sunday of the yellow week. But these irises caught my eye. The warmth of spring is finally here, and these irises are a testament to that.

The arbor in the background was built by John and me the summer of our wedding. We were married on the other side of that arbor almost 14 years ago. When I think of all we did that year in preparation for our wedding, I feel like the last 14 years have been pretty unproductive, at least on my end. But I have been really inspired by Living the good life: how to live sanely and simply in a troubled world, by Scott and Helen Nearing (1954) who homesteaded in Vermont starting in their 50’s at the beginning of the depression. They built a beautiful stone house when they were in their 70’s and 90’s. And they grew nearly all of their own food…in Vermont that’s quite a feat. I have a ten year head start on there's hope. (Okay, upon further reading I think I'm mistaken about there ages when their stone house was built. It's probably 40's and 60's. But they were still building stone walls in their 70's and 90's. Very inspiring!)

Sadly the garden is starting to reach the tipping point when my obsession for weeding overtakes my passion for growing. Thank goodness for the perennial flowers, like these irises. They don’t care at all about the weeds, and I don’t have to do anything to appreciate their beauty except to take the time to notice them.

“For us the life in Vermont was definitely better because it permitted frequent contacts with nature, because it afforded an opportunity to master and direct nature forces, because manual skills were still practiced and because the routine of living was less exacting." -Scott and Helen Nearing

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Michelle said...

Beautiful arbor, and iris!

I love that book; my husband and I are also doing our best to raise our kids on a real "homestead."

Just joined the colour group too & followed the link to your blog-- it's lovely!