Thursday, May 14, 2009

making a room, part 2

Okay, a month ago I started to try come up with a solution to this problem...

The toy baskets worked fine when Jude was younger.  There were fewer toys then, and I kept them organized.  Now that Jude plays more independently, a new system was needed.  He often ignored the toys in the baskets because he could see what was beneath the first layer.  

After having a vision for a new play area a month ago, it finally got put together yesterday.  I went to Target and they had the toy organizers that I picked out weeks ago on sale.  This isn't the greenest solution to our toy organizing dilemma.  If I had more patience, John would have made a simliar base and I would have made fabric boxes, but I'll just be grateful to China for their help in calming the toy chaos around here.  This organizer worked out great for us because we have a lot of little toys.  I bought the rug a year ago at Ikea, and Jude really likes to drive his cars and trucks on the roads, and it works perfectly to use it and the train table (the second one that John built...the first one is a gigantic piece of fine furniture with reversed tapered legs and made of walnut and crayon markings on the top) to define the 8' x 5' area.  

Jude discovered all the toys he didn't know he had, and I'm a pretty happy mama which is always a good thing!

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