Friday, May 29, 2009

sharing a vision of love

I stayed up late 3 nights in a row to read Loving and leaving the good life by Helen Nearing. Each night I waited until I Jude’s restless legs settled down and I heard those sweet sleeping breaths that signify I am truly off the clock. Spending hours doing something alone is not something I do, so this seemed like complete indulgence. I kept thinking I would wake up regretting that I stayed up so late, and maybe because I have been fasting (due to getting my tooth pulled) I never felt tired.

The Nearings are having a huge impact on me like they have so many. It’s not new stuff. It is more like remembering what is important to me. Sometimes you are given information you know you can’t ignore (as much as you might like to) because it confirms visions or conclusions you’ve had through your own meditation . I read Diet for a small planet 20 years ago (ouch!) and I remember feeling the same sort of way. The funny thing is that I had two these two books (Living the good life and Loving and leaving the good life) for over a year and just decided to read them a couple of weeks ago.

On the last page of Loving and leaving the good life, Helen Nearing describes love. And what was very heartening about her description is that I had a vision the year after Bennett died that was identical to her description. In fact I share this vision often in talks I do for the Blue Butterfly Fund including last Friday when I spoke at the Taste of Mifflinburg. Reading this description in print for the first time after sharing it so recently myself really got my attention.

“Love is the source, love the goal, and love the method of attainment. A network of love crisscrosses the globe. The delicate shining lines form a tenuous web from one end of the world to the other. There are so many threads of love in the world, so much love going on, for and from so many people. To have partaken of and to have given love is the greatest of life’s rewards.”


Jenn said...

I went to the library last night and picked up "Loving and Leaving the Good Life" after you talked about it yesterday. Looking forward to starting it!

eringoodman said...

i've picked up and put down "living the good life" a dozen times at my library.

i want so much to read it but i think i'm scared that reading it is going to set me back because in so many ways i am still so far from my dream way of life.

but perhaps it is just the inspiration i need to keep moving forward...

... said...

Jenn-I hope you like it....sorry I ruined the ending;)
Erin-Thanks for stopping by...I know what you mean the Nearings are quite the models to follow. Moving forward step by step, conscious choice by conscious choice, makes a difference. And realizing that this very moment is really what we are living for anyway is what it is all about.

Michelle said...

Have you read "The Have More Plan" by Ed & Carolyn Robinson? They were sort of the original urban homesteaders, back in the 40s, and wrote this incredible book outlining how to be pretty much self-sufficient...on only one acre!

We love it, and have used it as a guide these past several years...not as good of a "read" as the Nearings, but chock full of information.

... said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely look into that one too.