Friday, June 12, 2009

gabriel the doll

Remember this? Well, here is Gabriel, the doll for crafthope project #2. (Take a look at all the dolls that have been made for this project.) He will be given to an orphan at the Casa Bernabe orphanage in Nicaragua. I finished him on Wednesday and dashed him off to the post office, jammed his sweet little body into the smallest flat-rate priority box, and hoped that he would make it by Saturday (despite the nice post office worker's standard response that "there was no guarantee").

He is a black apple doll with some of my own adaptations. His arms are a little wonky. I got a little obsessed with adding sleeves to the regular pattern and forgot to focus on arm placement. Legs were done 3 times before I was satisfied. I wanted him to look like he was wearing rolled up pants so I added some bias tape and basically had to make my own leg pattern so he would show some skin. But despite all the fuzziness (hmmm...could this be why nothing ever gets done), I just made sure that when I was doing the hand sewing I took the time to really seal in a lot of love. Jude and I gave the doll a real big hug before we sent him away.

I am still making Jude's doll (I decided to make him one while I was at it). Jude asked who was getting the brown haired doll. I said, "a little boy who doesn't have a mommy or daddy." Jude's practical response was, "why don't you make him a mommy then?" Ohhhh, if only it was that simple.

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Ang said...

Gabriel-the doll. How simply perfect. And Jude's response-"Why don't you make him a Mommy?" Again, how simply perfect. I needed this today, Elizabeth. I really needed it. I needed to be reminded of why I do what I do. Why I must be an ambassador for God. Of course, there are many reasons. The Greatest because Jesus has died for me. For me. Little ole' me. The Greatest, most valuable gift I could never earn. Secondly, because I know in my heart God has little boys and girls waiting for their mommies and daddies to say yes to adoption. Thank you, Elizabeth. Thank you for your heart. Once again, I've been Eliza-blessed†